Friday, 1 April 2011

Marketing, Minority Report and McDonalds

Hey Everyone,

I watched The September issue in the week and came away with a new hero, Grace Coddington. I love her. I can bore you with the details but I recommend that you watch it. It has been well written about in other places but Grace undoubtedly outshone Anna Wintour. Bearing in mind the film took place only with Anna Wintours approval and it is believed it was part of a campaign to soften her image. Whether or not it is successful or not is debatable but it has gotten me thinking about marketing in a bit more depth.

The September Issue is a great piece of marketing as regardless of your personal feelings about the people, Vogue is still being promoted to the hilt in the film. This type of marketing is not available to most companies is shifting due to social media. We have been quite studious recently and attended conferences and expos related to social media and its use for marketing. We at Originals HQ see the benefit of social media (thus this blog) and there are great examples of it working well (KLM and Google spring to mind). Equally mistakes can be made and as social occurs in real time there is less of a review cycle to catch any slip-ups.

The main point that all seem to agree on is that social media and consequently the associated marketing is only in its infancy. As company’s attempt to pry your hard earned cash from your mitts with new and innovative ways we are all subjected to marketing of different types. The Minority Report style retina scanning style personalised adverts will be here sooner rather than later.

I suppose at the end of the day it is all about choice and as long as people can chose whether or not they are subjected to the marketing then its all fair game.

Right I'm off to see if I can win on the McDonalds Monopoly Game!!


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Big Al said...

Interesting article Originals. I read an awe-inspiring article recently on the largest marketing war ever; Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Co. It transpires that Pepsi has lost out to Coke and has been relegated to 3rd most popular soft drink by diet Coke (only just though). Maybe not significant to most people but the money that has been ploughed into this war alone dwarfs entire sectors of marketing spend. The strange thing is that despite this marketing war, neither company would exist without the other, they are a symbiosis - if one were to die, the other would be irrelevant! Obviously Originals are the 'choice of a generation' when the 'holidays are coming', question is, are Originals Pepsi or Coke drinkers?!