Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not Saucy, but Reggae Reggae Drinks

It may not have anything to do with vintage fashion or even anything to with London's art, music or fashion, but here at Originals HQ we are amazed by the news that fellow Londoner Levi Roots is to launch a Reggae Reggae drinks range.

This week Vimto Soft Drinks agreed to license the Levi Roots brand, producing a range of Caribbean-inspired carbonates and juices next month

Now, we love Reggae Reggae sauce and we certainly love the enigmatic lead man Levi Roots, but this has blown us a way! If you take Lilt out of the market is there another tropical taste inspired soft drink? The answer is no there isn’t and this is why this is a masterstroke.

Fair play to Levi and his “Dragons” Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh they have seen the market potential and smashed it.

It won’t be long before Reggae Reggae drinks are in the Originals fridge alongside the much loved sauce!

Paul Mellor


Vicky Burn said...

I love Reggae Reggae! like the blog!!

James Harman said...

Levi Roots is a legend!

Anonymous said...