Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Park Life

Hi Everyone,

So London Town was basking in the glory of Mediterranean temperatures at the weekend so the sensible thing is to enjoy some time at North London’s Parks, specifically Finsbury and Clissold.

Obviously there was some Frisbee action, a few refreshing drinks and some general frivolity. Both parks were lovely and the atmosphere was amazing (aside from some random chump swearing like a sailor around the boating lake). However, I was a bit surprised by the amount of toplessness on show, we are not prudes over at Originals HQ but watching a sweaty late-to-middle aged man strut around is enough to put anyone off their mini-milks

I think the Great British public do panic slightly when we see a bit of sun but there is a time and a place for such shows and it is definitely not on when I’m enjoying a picnic egg and coleslaw!!

This brings me beautifully onto park fashion, we don’t think that this falls into the traditional ‘Summer’ and ‘Festival Trends’ category as it’s too early to be really hot and the type of activity you may be undertaking may vary (easy now) from tree climbing, boulles (bit of culture for you), cooking on a disposable BBQ or just recovering from the stresses of the week.

So here are our tips for looking good in the park:

Cover up – The sun is still hot and as funny as it is watching the fools and their red faces it is not really advised to colour block using your face.

Layers – It will get cold at some point and there will be some shadows cast by clouds so shawl it up or have a jacket close by to shelter under until things heat up.

Deck shoes/pumps – As well kept as parks are there will be some mysterious objects nestled in the grass so make sure that you’ve got your trotters covered.

Loose light fabrics – If you get the fabric right then it needn’t be tight. You just need to create some space in between you and the item, physics will do the rest to keep you cool.

Sunglasses - Get those Original Frames on to complete the amazing summer look!!

PS Don’t climb trees in skinny jeans, they rip something rotten at the crotch.



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