Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Part 2

Hi Everyone,

So we went and had a look at the preparations here are a few images of what we found.

Parliament Square getting busy with tents securing the prime spots for tomorrow.

So we know that Kate Middleton is making few public appearances but that doesn’t deter one fan. They have brought a doll version to replace her!

I’m sure there are people who have travelled from further afield but USA is being represented here.

Lady in a home made hat in the colours of the Union Jack, love her!

This picture does not do full justice to this ‘fan’ whose random shouting may result in some close attention from security!

We’re sure this is just a taster for tomorrow but the crowd are excited and so are we.



Royal Wedding Part 1

Hi Everyone,

This week has been a short one, we’ve had a lot crammed into a short space of time with project work, birthdays and of course the Royal Wedding. We are assuming that our invite was lost in the post but we don’t mind as excitement is building in chilly London Town!

Views on the Royals are a little bit mixed in the office. Nobody owns a commemorative mug (although I’m sure one of my Grandparents has one) and nobody is up on treason charges so we sit in the middle ground. What is amazing is the atmosphere and excitement in London that is growing in the build up to the event. Hopefully the atmosphere is similar in villages, towns and cities up and down the realm.

Every coin has two sides, and there will be many people arguing the cost of the wedding, the security and the cost to the tax payer. However there are very few events (possibly the Olympics) that have such vast media coverage and focus on positive news. The coverage will also span many different genres, there will be history, fashion (hats and fascinators at the ready), the Military, politics, food and musical aspects all analysed, reviewed and viewed over the day, therefore, something for everyone. All eyes will be on the dress (personally I'm hoping the Queen pulls out a cheeky little number but I think I will be disappointed).

For some the Royal Wedding is a day off work for others it is a waste of time and money. For us at Original HQ it’s a day for people to celebrate and be involved in a huge event on a scale that rarely occurs.

We are going to head down to the preparations and take some pics. We’ll report back with any interesting news and photos shortly.

In the meantime here’s a picture of some Royal Pugs!!

(Source: cassket)



Thursday, 21 April 2011

Gaga, Super 8, Wilderness and Webcams

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a hectic week and due to the bank holiday tomorrow I am going to talk about some marketing campaigns that we have enjoyed this week.

Lady Gaga is responsible for some classic marketing/publicity this week by releasing the single Judas, over Easter, and holding a number of interviews where she swears and is generally a bit controversial. Lady Gaga is an amazing artist and she pushes the boundaries in so many ways that in order to have an impact you have to mix it up otherwise people get bored and this week we think she has demonstrated her business skills by filling column inches and undoubtedly selling records. Single is embedded for those interested.

Google will always be push the boundaries of social media and marketing and by collaborating with Arcade Fire (who we love) and some HTML5 they have come up with something that is very cool. Have a look at the link below and enjoy the results of Google using its immense assets and setting it to some emotive music from a great band.

A slightly unusual collaboration between movies and video games. Super 8, the new J.J. Abrams film is due out this year and as per usual Abrams has been very secretive. Until the release of Portal 2! The game includes an extra which effectively lets you interact with one of the key elements of the teaser trailer. We’re not entirely sure how you measure the success of project but it’s awesome to see different things being attempted.

I know it’s over 6months old but the final piece of marketing that we enjoyed this week involves webcams, boys and an attractive girl. Reaction videos are always good and this is no exception. Be warned that if something seems too good to be true it probably is. Check out the link for The Last Exorcism.

Enjoy the sun and follow Nigellas lead and protect yourself!!



Monday, 18 April 2011

Friday Night at the John Snow

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the Kiss-in that happened on Friday night at the John Snow. The event was a response to the two guys who kissed in the pub while on their date and were ejected by the landlord.

The event was organised via facebook and was open to everyone who believed that the actions of the landlord were wrong.

The pub decided not open so we were all stood outside, the atmosphere was great, there was intermittent applause of support when two people kissed, gay or straight. We hope that the event raises awareness that everyone should be treated equally and hopefully people will consider their actions.

I borrowed the picture from Bobby Creger, who has some more images from the event.

I will place my soapbox away for the time being and say congratulations to all those attended.



Friday, 15 April 2011

Good News Friday!!

Hi Everyone,

As a protest to the amount of bad news we get fed, Original HQ has decidedto list the top 5 things that we have enjoyed in the office this week. In no particular order.

1. Ukrainian band Kazaky performing at Anouki Bicholla A/W Fashion ShowNot only do they look amazing in heels they manage to dance and out perform the models (you can see one model struggling to walk). You also have the Gaga inspired egg-head head piece which probably seemed a good idea on paper but is obviously impossible to walk in!! Thanks to Bobby Creger for the link.

2. Old School Gladiators – We are not entirely sure how we got onto this but ‘Welsey Two Scoops’ Berry made us all smile as we realised that despite the team not knowing each other in the mid 90’s we all remember ‘Two Scoops’ Berry who smashed the Gauntlet. He was amazing although we had foolishly remembered him as being British. We also chatted about the legend that is Eunice Huthart. Good Times!!

3. Pete Tong – Past meets the present with Pete Tong’s Original Essential Mix

being pumped out to help the creative juices flow. Barely aging in the 16years since the last one was aired and the new one sounds great too.

4. Terry Tibbs - Talk to me – WARNING: There is some use of profanity in the video. Just watch it! So funny, tears were shed into our coffee mugs.

5. Cheeky bit of Chipmunk – We like a bit of Chip Diddy Chip and his Live Lounge performance was amazing, was not expecting the cover of Rage Against the Machine but the stripped down version

worked well.

So what do you think of our list?

Pikachu kitten added for extra goodness

Have a good weekend.



Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Park Life

Hi Everyone,

So London Town was basking in the glory of Mediterranean temperatures at the weekend so the sensible thing is to enjoy some time at North London’s Parks, specifically Finsbury and Clissold.

Obviously there was some Frisbee action, a few refreshing drinks and some general frivolity. Both parks were lovely and the atmosphere was amazing (aside from some random chump swearing like a sailor around the boating lake). However, I was a bit surprised by the amount of toplessness on show, we are not prudes over at Originals HQ but watching a sweaty late-to-middle aged man strut around is enough to put anyone off their mini-milks

I think the Great British public do panic slightly when we see a bit of sun but there is a time and a place for such shows and it is definitely not on when I’m enjoying a picnic egg and coleslaw!!

This brings me beautifully onto park fashion, we don’t think that this falls into the traditional ‘Summer’ and ‘Festival Trends’ category as it’s too early to be really hot and the type of activity you may be undertaking may vary (easy now) from tree climbing, boulles (bit of culture for you), cooking on a disposable BBQ or just recovering from the stresses of the week.

So here are our tips for looking good in the park:

Cover up – The sun is still hot and as funny as it is watching the fools and their red faces it is not really advised to colour block using your face.

Layers – It will get cold at some point and there will be some shadows cast by clouds so shawl it up or have a jacket close by to shelter under until things heat up.

Deck shoes/pumps – As well kept as parks are there will be some mysterious objects nestled in the grass so make sure that you’ve got your trotters covered.

Loose light fabrics – If you get the fabric right then it needn’t be tight. You just need to create some space in between you and the item, physics will do the rest to keep you cool.

Sunglasses - Get those Original Frames on to complete the amazing summer look!!

PS Don’t climb trees in skinny jeans, they rip something rotten at the crotch.



Friday, 1 April 2011

Marketing, Minority Report and McDonalds

Hey Everyone,

I watched The September issue in the week and came away with a new hero, Grace Coddington. I love her. I can bore you with the details but I recommend that you watch it. It has been well written about in other places but Grace undoubtedly outshone Anna Wintour. Bearing in mind the film took place only with Anna Wintours approval and it is believed it was part of a campaign to soften her image. Whether or not it is successful or not is debatable but it has gotten me thinking about marketing in a bit more depth.

The September Issue is a great piece of marketing as regardless of your personal feelings about the people, Vogue is still being promoted to the hilt in the film. This type of marketing is not available to most companies is shifting due to social media. We have been quite studious recently and attended conferences and expos related to social media and its use for marketing. We at Originals HQ see the benefit of social media (thus this blog) and there are great examples of it working well (KLM and Google spring to mind). Equally mistakes can be made and as social occurs in real time there is less of a review cycle to catch any slip-ups.

The main point that all seem to agree on is that social media and consequently the associated marketing is only in its infancy. As company’s attempt to pry your hard earned cash from your mitts with new and innovative ways we are all subjected to marketing of different types. The Minority Report style retina scanning style personalised adverts will be here sooner rather than later.

I suppose at the end of the day it is all about choice and as long as people can chose whether or not they are subjected to the marketing then its all fair game.

Right I'm off to see if I can win on the McDonalds Monopoly Game!!