Friday, 15 April 2011

Good News Friday!!

Hi Everyone,

As a protest to the amount of bad news we get fed, Original HQ has decidedto list the top 5 things that we have enjoyed in the office this week. In no particular order.

1. Ukrainian band Kazaky performing at Anouki Bicholla A/W Fashion ShowNot only do they look amazing in heels they manage to dance and out perform the models (you can see one model struggling to walk). You also have the Gaga inspired egg-head head piece which probably seemed a good idea on paper but is obviously impossible to walk in!! Thanks to Bobby Creger for the link.

2. Old School Gladiators – We are not entirely sure how we got onto this but ‘Welsey Two Scoops’ Berry made us all smile as we realised that despite the team not knowing each other in the mid 90’s we all remember ‘Two Scoops’ Berry who smashed the Gauntlet. He was amazing although we had foolishly remembered him as being British. We also chatted about the legend that is Eunice Huthart. Good Times!!

3. Pete Tong – Past meets the present with Pete Tong’s Original Essential Mix

being pumped out to help the creative juices flow. Barely aging in the 16years since the last one was aired and the new one sounds great too.

4. Terry Tibbs - Talk to me – WARNING: There is some use of profanity in the video. Just watch it! So funny, tears were shed into our coffee mugs.

5. Cheeky bit of Chipmunk – We like a bit of Chip Diddy Chip and his Live Lounge performance was amazing, was not expecting the cover of Rage Against the Machine but the stripped down version

worked well.

So what do you think of our list?

Pikachu kitten added for extra goodness

Have a good weekend.




Vicky Brew said...

I love the kitten! Great blog!

I Love My Frames said...

Thanks Vicky! Glad you enjoy the blog, any requests for animals in the next post??