Thursday, 21 April 2011

Gaga, Super 8, Wilderness and Webcams

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a hectic week and due to the bank holiday tomorrow I am going to talk about some marketing campaigns that we have enjoyed this week.

Lady Gaga is responsible for some classic marketing/publicity this week by releasing the single Judas, over Easter, and holding a number of interviews where she swears and is generally a bit controversial. Lady Gaga is an amazing artist and she pushes the boundaries in so many ways that in order to have an impact you have to mix it up otherwise people get bored and this week we think she has demonstrated her business skills by filling column inches and undoubtedly selling records. Single is embedded for those interested.

Google will always be push the boundaries of social media and marketing and by collaborating with Arcade Fire (who we love) and some HTML5 they have come up with something that is very cool. Have a look at the link below and enjoy the results of Google using its immense assets and setting it to some emotive music from a great band.

A slightly unusual collaboration between movies and video games. Super 8, the new J.J. Abrams film is due out this year and as per usual Abrams has been very secretive. Until the release of Portal 2! The game includes an extra which effectively lets you interact with one of the key elements of the teaser trailer. We’re not entirely sure how you measure the success of project but it’s awesome to see different things being attempted.

I know it’s over 6months old but the final piece of marketing that we enjoyed this week involves webcams, boys and an attractive girl. Reaction videos are always good and this is no exception. Be warned that if something seems too good to be true it probably is. Check out the link for The Last Exorcism.

Enjoy the sun and follow Nigellas lead and protect yourself!!



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