Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Part 2

Hi Everyone,

So we went and had a look at the preparations here are a few images of what we found.

Parliament Square getting busy with tents securing the prime spots for tomorrow.

So we know that Kate Middleton is making few public appearances but that doesn’t deter one fan. They have brought a doll version to replace her!

I’m sure there are people who have travelled from further afield but USA is being represented here.

Lady in a home made hat in the colours of the Union Jack, love her!

This picture does not do full justice to this ‘fan’ whose random shouting may result in some close attention from security!

We’re sure this is just a taster for tomorrow but the crowd are excited and so are we.




☠Bobby Creger☠ said...

Soooo ridiculous!
Maybe I'm just not excited because I'm not a wedding fanatic...let alone, a wedding for people I don't know personally.

But yeahh...Congrats to them.. .LOL

Jenny Apple said...

Owwwww Bobby get involved! Congrats to Kate and Wills x

Anonymous said...

some great british people spotting youve been doing, love the commitment