Monday, 23 May 2011

When is an Injunction Super?

Hey Everyone,

In between working on some new frame designs (note-to-self do not use Mischa Barton as a muse, see below), a new web design project and working out just how hot Rihanna is (currently devising a new ratings scale) we have been debating the super injunctions.

The arguments from both sides of Originals HQ are pretty valid and we all understand that it’s a complicated issue. Who’s rights are right and should we even care?

The whole Imogen Thomas story was a bit of an average story until CTB (aka Ryan Giggs, according to John Hemming MP) decided that he wanted to find out the names of the tweeters via the courts. We all agree that CTB had a right to his privacy but his actions have only galvanised tens of thousands of people. An honest admission and some responsibility for his actions may have helped salvage his reputation but essentially advocating a witch hunt only garners negative headlines.

There are numerous grey areas including the validity of the Super Injunctions in a global social media domain etc. There was some initial suggestions that super injunctions are used by the rich to keep secrets and I’m sure that happens but Premiership players don’t sign up to abide in a certain way off the field so why is there such public interest over his nocturnal activities. In the instance of Fred the Shred, the link to the public interest as more apparent and I can see a strong argument against a Super Injunction ever been given. However a footballer being unfaithful, whilst wrong, really has no relevance to the masses.

The right to freedom of speech can contradict the right to privacy and Twitters role in how the story has developed has resulted in it helping determine the how laws are monitored and adhered to on a global scale.

If there are any winners in this super injunction episode; then Twitter, lawyers and the newspapers could be considered high on the list. At the end of the day the people actually involved in the story are all worse off and I think that is sad, not as sad as Britney performance at the Billboard Awards though (blimey she has gotten lazy).

In true Originals style here is a picture of a Rihanna looking amazing on the white carpet!!



Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fashion Icons – Batman and Cheryl Cole

Hi Everyone,

Whilst casting my peepers over the inter-web a few things caught my eye so I thought I would share them.

Working in the fashion industry we are aware that designs and styles are often influenced from many sources. This week has been no exception and you have to love the inter-web and it’s users for the ability to spot where ‘similarities’ have occurred.

Here’s a look at our fav homage’s/inspirations this week.

Firstly we have the super-cool lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, the age-less Jared Leto, sporting a cape. The man-cape has been gracing the catwalks for a while with an example from the Trussardi 1911 A/W 11 shown with the caped crusader himself, Batman. I think it's only a matter of time before man-capes will be appearing on a high street near you.

As many students will know equations can be rearranged and the picture below shows how Ocean-crossing Cole seems to be inspiring globally. Rebecca Ferguson (we are making no comment on her relationship with 18 year-old Zain Malik) and Sarah Jessica Parker appear to have embraced different aspects of Cole's style. Which is sensible as you certainly don't want to look like a bad imitation.

At Originals HQ we love the capes (that will be my super-hero fetish) but we doubt that the big hair would last if you’re disco dancing with the lights down low.

The quest to be Original will always be fraught with wrong turns down questionable cul-de-sacs but keep testing/trialling and mixing it.

I’m going to get sized up for some capes.



Friday, 6 May 2011

Good News Friday!! Including Obama, Green Lantern and X-men

Hi All,

Nearly the weekend again and according to all sources, it’s going to be a scorcher! I shall be packing my Frisbee and heading to the park.

Due to some short weeks there has been a distinct lack of Good News Friday Blogs, but we’re back now!

1. Impromptu Shopping – The Originals Team disbanded for the bank holiday weekend and travelled back home, I went back up to Grimsby. It was full of surprises, with questionable sea bass, dry humping/dancing from mum’s dog and some clothes shopping.

I genuinely can not remember the last time I went shopping in Grimsby but I managed to pick up a few bits. Kudos to the Burtons sale but my fave purchase was my casual joggers (below) from River Island. Back to the vintage stores this weekend.

2. Obama roasting Trump – I do love a slice of politics and for all of Donald Trumps posturing (read as promotion for American Apprentice) regarding Obama’s birth certificate, it was amazing to see the President defending himself and making Trump look like a chump.

3. The Leisure Society – Perfect lazy summer music, I’ll be playing this all weekend. I think ‘Into The Murky Water’ is my favourite track but I can be a bit fickle so expect a change in the future.

4. Geeking out – There has been a number of new/updated trailers this week including some character trailers for X-Men First class, my favourite is Banshee.

There is also a new and possibly final Green Lantern Trailer, Kilowog looks amazing.

Finally, it’s free comic book day tomorrow. I would highly recommend the re-print of Green Lantern #30!

Well I hope that keeps you content over the weekend.



Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A McQueen Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all feel refreshed after another long weekend!

What a huge few days it has been for the team working at Alexander McQueen. Firstly there was the amazing wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton, designed by Sarah Burton and the Metropolitan Museum of Art held a retrospective for the designer last night.

Royal Wedding fever is starting to die down, although the reports of people queuing outside Westminster Abbey to view the bouquet may suggest otherwise. However, the dress worn by Kate looked incredibly elegant, stylish and classy. How the dress and designer were kept a secret we’ll never know so credit all round. Apparently replica versions are already hitting stores!! In all it was a good day for British fashion with Vivienne Westwood, Philip Treacy and Anna Valentine all coming out on top. Personally, I liked the fact Princesses’ Beatrice and Eugenie went for a bolder approach to stand out.

Over in the US last night a host of classic McQueen designs were displayed as part of a retrospective look at the designers work. Sarah Jessica Parker wore one of the outfits from the collection (on loan) and looked incredible. I like the understated dominatrix look that Leighton Meister wore. It’s going to be interesting to see how far the high street will go with the S&M vibe in the next few months.