Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Part 1

Hi Everyone,

This week has been a short one, we’ve had a lot crammed into a short space of time with project work, birthdays and of course the Royal Wedding. We are assuming that our invite was lost in the post but we don’t mind as excitement is building in chilly London Town!

Views on the Royals are a little bit mixed in the office. Nobody owns a commemorative mug (although I’m sure one of my Grandparents has one) and nobody is up on treason charges so we sit in the middle ground. What is amazing is the atmosphere and excitement in London that is growing in the build up to the event. Hopefully the atmosphere is similar in villages, towns and cities up and down the realm.

Every coin has two sides, and there will be many people arguing the cost of the wedding, the security and the cost to the tax payer. However there are very few events (possibly the Olympics) that have such vast media coverage and focus on positive news. The coverage will also span many different genres, there will be history, fashion (hats and fascinators at the ready), the Military, politics, food and musical aspects all analysed, reviewed and viewed over the day, therefore, something for everyone. All eyes will be on the dress (personally I'm hoping the Queen pulls out a cheeky little number but I think I will be disappointed).

For some the Royal Wedding is a day off work for others it is a waste of time and money. For us at Original HQ it’s a day for people to celebrate and be involved in a huge event on a scale that rarely occurs.

We are going to head down to the preparations and take some pics. We’ll report back with any interesting news and photos shortly.

In the meantime here’s a picture of some Royal Pugs!!

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☠Bobby Creger☠ said...

omg i love them! royal pugs!!

Anonymous said...

Royal Pugs! Woop Woop