Monday, 23 May 2011

When is an Injunction Super?

Hey Everyone,

In between working on some new frame designs (note-to-self do not use Mischa Barton as a muse, see below), a new web design project and working out just how hot Rihanna is (currently devising a new ratings scale) we have been debating the super injunctions.

The arguments from both sides of Originals HQ are pretty valid and we all understand that it’s a complicated issue. Who’s rights are right and should we even care?

The whole Imogen Thomas story was a bit of an average story until CTB (aka Ryan Giggs, according to John Hemming MP) decided that he wanted to find out the names of the tweeters via the courts. We all agree that CTB had a right to his privacy but his actions have only galvanised tens of thousands of people. An honest admission and some responsibility for his actions may have helped salvage his reputation but essentially advocating a witch hunt only garners negative headlines.

There are numerous grey areas including the validity of the Super Injunctions in a global social media domain etc. There was some initial suggestions that super injunctions are used by the rich to keep secrets and I’m sure that happens but Premiership players don’t sign up to abide in a certain way off the field so why is there such public interest over his nocturnal activities. In the instance of Fred the Shred, the link to the public interest as more apparent and I can see a strong argument against a Super Injunction ever been given. However a footballer being unfaithful, whilst wrong, really has no relevance to the masses.

The right to freedom of speech can contradict the right to privacy and Twitters role in how the story has developed has resulted in it helping determine the how laws are monitored and adhered to on a global scale.

If there are any winners in this super injunction episode; then Twitter, lawyers and the newspapers could be considered high on the list. At the end of the day the people actually involved in the story are all worse off and I think that is sad, not as sad as Britney performance at the Billboard Awards though (blimey she has gotten lazy).

In true Originals style here is a picture of a Rihanna looking amazing on the white carpet!!



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