Friday, 6 May 2011

Good News Friday!! Including Obama, Green Lantern and X-men

Hi All,

Nearly the weekend again and according to all sources, it’s going to be a scorcher! I shall be packing my Frisbee and heading to the park.

Due to some short weeks there has been a distinct lack of Good News Friday Blogs, but we’re back now!

1. Impromptu Shopping – The Originals Team disbanded for the bank holiday weekend and travelled back home, I went back up to Grimsby. It was full of surprises, with questionable sea bass, dry humping/dancing from mum’s dog and some clothes shopping.

I genuinely can not remember the last time I went shopping in Grimsby but I managed to pick up a few bits. Kudos to the Burtons sale but my fave purchase was my casual joggers (below) from River Island. Back to the vintage stores this weekend.

2. Obama roasting Trump – I do love a slice of politics and for all of Donald Trumps posturing (read as promotion for American Apprentice) regarding Obama’s birth certificate, it was amazing to see the President defending himself and making Trump look like a chump.

3. The Leisure Society – Perfect lazy summer music, I’ll be playing this all weekend. I think ‘Into The Murky Water’ is my favourite track but I can be a bit fickle so expect a change in the future.

4. Geeking out – There has been a number of new/updated trailers this week including some character trailers for X-Men First class, my favourite is Banshee.

There is also a new and possibly final Green Lantern Trailer, Kilowog looks amazing.

Finally, it’s free comic book day tomorrow. I would highly recommend the re-print of Green Lantern #30!

Well I hope that keeps you content over the weekend.




Chris Cook said...

I literally cant wait for the Green Lantern to come out!

Mac Napper said...

Loving the good news Friday posts. even when I read them on Monday's!