Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fashion Icons – Batman and Cheryl Cole

Hi Everyone,

Whilst casting my peepers over the inter-web a few things caught my eye so I thought I would share them.

Working in the fashion industry we are aware that designs and styles are often influenced from many sources. This week has been no exception and you have to love the inter-web and it’s users for the ability to spot where ‘similarities’ have occurred.

Here’s a look at our fav homage’s/inspirations this week.

Firstly we have the super-cool lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, the age-less Jared Leto, sporting a cape. The man-cape has been gracing the catwalks for a while with an example from the Trussardi 1911 A/W 11 shown with the caped crusader himself, Batman. I think it's only a matter of time before man-capes will be appearing on a high street near you.

As many students will know equations can be rearranged and the picture below shows how Ocean-crossing Cole seems to be inspiring globally. Rebecca Ferguson (we are making no comment on her relationship with 18 year-old Zain Malik) and Sarah Jessica Parker appear to have embraced different aspects of Cole's style. Which is sensible as you certainly don't want to look like a bad imitation.

At Originals HQ we love the capes (that will be my super-hero fetish) but we doubt that the big hair would last if you’re disco dancing with the lights down low.

The quest to be Original will always be fraught with wrong turns down questionable cul-de-sacs but keep testing/trialling and mixing it.

I’m going to get sized up for some capes.



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Anonymous said...

I used to have a cape and I loved it! My mate borrowed it to woo a girl with once though, and I never saw it again.

I hate to think what may have happened to my poor cape that night.

I probably wouldn't want it back.