Friday, 11 March 2011

Paris and Lewisham Fashion Shows

Hi Everyone,

The magic of sunshine! Everyone is happy, well apart from the people on the tube this morning (it nearly got a bit crazy on the Piccadilly Line).

If we swoop past the gossip from Paris Fashion Week (Kate Moss smoking and Kanye West not getting in anywhere) there has been some cool collections. The Louis Vuitton collection (see below) shows some strong vintage influences which confirms what we were seeing at the London Fashion week.

We also had the pleasure of attending the fashion show that was organised, managed and devised by the students at Christ the Kings Sixth Form College. It was probably the most high energy fashion show we have ever been too with music and performances blended into the show. The Originals frames we donated were also shown off with as part of some very cool outfits. Well done to all involved!!

Not long until the weekend so have a good one!!



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